How to use a geographical domain for your business

Why we might be interested in a new  .QUEBEC domain?

To obtain an explicit address! With .QUEBEC, it is possible to obtain clearer and more defined addresses. In the minds of people .COM brings credibility, yet knowing that the number of websites will quadruple in a few years the new suffixes will become increasingly necessary because there be less and less names will be available. Some generic domains no longer available for years, will again be on the market with new suffixes like .QUEBEC.

With the heart and the head

One of the most important advantages in registering a .QUEBEC domain for communities and businesses with Quebec as a market is the ability to communicate about their Quebec roots.

It is also possible to consider .QUEBEC domain as complements to your brand. These domain names create an opportunity to offer customized content for Internet users and can improve the customer experience with your brand. This goes far beyond the domain registration. It is a content personalization! With a good strategy, smart companies are finding significant value in registering geographical domain like .QUEBEC to reach targeted customers individually.

A practical example for a company that sells in several countries

Take an online clothing store for example. Imagine having the ability to adjust the content of your website to your Quebec customers via www.votreboutique.quebec  and international customers via www.votreboutique.com. A company that is located in Sherbrooke could use a .QUEBEC web address for its Quebec customers a .COM address for customers in the US and .PARIS address to its French customers. Now you’ll be able to serve users with options for example based on current seasons. Quebec users may have the opportunity of seeing the winter collections earlier, while other countries could still shop the summer collections.

The ability to provide localized content based on the location of your consumers and to offer products tailored to their needs enhances the experience for your clientele and could give a boost to sales.